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Election 2012 - Operation Clean Sweep !!!
Defeat The Super Pacs
Vote For Anyone But Your Incumbent !!!
When Feasible - Vote For Anyone But A Republican or Democrat !!!

CLUE: Sorry, no need to expect or find solutions if we keep electing the same idiots who keep telling us the same lies about all the change they will bring about.

1. Nothing will change until we eliminate the existing Republicans and Democrats that are bankrupting our country. A simple vote for anyone but your incumbent representative just might be your last chance for any change in the forseeable future.

2. Nothing will change until we take the money out of politics. Super Pacs are your enemy and those who are supported by a Super Pac will NOT be working for We, The People.....DUHHHH.... Find and support anyone who is not yet corrupted by the Republican and Democratic parties. Do not let your local election be "BOUGHT" by a Super Pac nominee. Vote for anyone who is not supported by a Super Pac.

3. Nothing will change until WE, The People, STOP electing the same crooks and thieves that continue to rip us off !! The Republican and Democratic Parties are simply corrupt. The election process is corrupt. Congress is corrupted by the process. The only viable solution is voting for anyone but your incumbent representative.

4. The Republican and Democratic Parties WILL NOT CHANGE "The System" which is working very well for them. If you vote for any incumbent Republican or Democrat, you are simply voting for more of the same.

Learn more about our corrupt government and find many viable solutions to our most pressing national problems:

"Throw Them All Out" by Peter Schweizer - Learn about Congressional Conflicts of Interest and how congress has exempted itself from insider trading, fraud and extortion. Stay tuned for your congressional solution....or lack thereof.

"Greedy Bastards" by Dylan Ratigan - Learn How You Can Stop Corporate Communists, Banksters, and Other Vampires from Sucking America Dry. This is a good, simple read by a knowledgable financial analysist and commentator.

"Boomerang - Travels in the New Third World" By Michael Lewis - Learn more about the global financial collapse and our money managers running amuk. An easy read with much sad humor.

The only long term solution is for We, The People, to get more involved with local and state level politics while working for a Constitutional Amendment that allows for a National right to Initiative and Referendum.

Less than half the States currently allow the People's the right to Initiative, Referendum and Recall. All States without established rights to Initiative, Referendum and Recall need to establish those rights NOW !! Learn which States do not allow the People's right to Initiative and Referendum.

The Initiative and Referendum process is available to most all municipalities in every state. Twenty-four states now have the initiative process. Of the 24 states, 18 allow initiatives to propose constitutional amendments and 21 states allow initiatives to propose statutes. Every state allows the legislature to place a measure on the ballot. Every state except Delaware requires a popular vote to approve constitutional amendments.

WE, THE PEOPLE, need a Constitutional Amendment
that allows for a national right to Initiative & Referendum.

For constitutional amendments, 16 states allow direct initiatives and two allow indirect initiatives. For statutes, 11 states allow direct initiatives for statutes, seven allow indirect initiatives, and two states (Utah and Washington) allow both direct and indirect initiatives. Learn More from the Initiative & Referendum Institute at the University of Southern California.


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